Spiraea prunifolia Sieb. & Zucc.

Spiraea prunifolia plant

Family - Rosaceae

Stems - No info. yet.

Leaves - No info. yet.

Inflorescence - No info. yet.

Flowers - No info. yet.

Spiraea prunifolia flowers

Spiraea prunifolia calyx

Flowering - April - May.

Habitat - Cultivated and persistent around old homesites, cemeteries, and fencerows. Escaped to roadsides, fencerows, and slopes.

Origin - Native to eastern Asia.

Other info. - This striking species can be found scattered throughout Missouri. Cultivated plants typically have double flowers where the stamens and pistils are replaced with petals (as in the pictures above).
This shrubby species has multiple thin stems that arch with age.

Photographs taken in Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC., 3-23-03.