Sanicula smallii Bickn.

Small's Black Snakeroot

Sanicula smallii plant

Family - Apiaceae

Stems - No info. yet.

Sanicula smallii stem

Leaves - No info. yet.

Sanicula smallii leaves

Inflorescence - No info. yet.

Flowers - No info. yet.

Sanicula smallii flowersFlowers.

Sanicula smallii stylesArrows show erect styles.

Sanicula smallii fruitFruits.

Flowering - May - June.

Habitat - Rich woods.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other info. - This species is rare in Missouri and has only been collected in one southern Ozark county in the state. It is more common in states to the south and east. S. smallii can be differentiated from the other Missouri species of Sanicula by its big, bristly, sessile fruits which have styles that are shorter than the bristles. The fruits occur in groups of 3. This species has tuberous roots.

Photographs taken in Brown Summit, NC., 6-17-2002 and in Linville, NC., 5-11-03.